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Dr. Shannon James

Dr. James provides veterinary care for your pets right in their own homes.

Routine preventative and medical care - examinations and vaccinations along with medical case management, behavioral problem investigation, and weight control programs can all be handled at home. Avoid stressful car rides and waiting areas, reduce exposure to contagious disease and enjoy personalized attention.

Our services are ideal for households with multiple pets, retirees, busy parents and professionals, clients and pets with limited mobility or transportation, and owners of pets who are too anxious for car rides and trips to the veterinary office.

Let your veterinarian come to you!


Why You Might Consider Veterinary House Calls

You may be considering in home care because your pet is older and less mobile, in need of palliative or hospice care, or your pet has a chronic medical condition that requires close attention at home.   Other reasons people choose a mobile vet include: 

    • Their pet doesn't travel well in a carrier
    • They have multiple pets and all their pets can be seen during one visit without transporting them
    • Some people are searching for a veterinarian who will spend more time with them and their pet without the distractions of a traditional clinic.

No matter why you are considering veterinary house calls, Dr. James will provide you with compassionate care, support, understanding and communication that will help maintain your pet's quality of life through all of their life stages.

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Available In Home Services

We provide comprehensive mobile veterinary services in the comfort of your home.  We see cats and dogs of all ages and provide wellness and preventative care, such as:

  • annual or bi-annual exams
  • vaccines
  • heartworm and Lymes disease testing
  • fecal exams to screen for intestinal parasites
  • FIV/FeLV testing in cats
  • Flea and tick control
  • medical services for illness and minor injuries
  • quality of life assessments
  • palliative and hospice care
  • compassionate in home euthanasia when the time is right

Quality of Life Assessments

Quality of Life Assessments are very comprehensive evaluations of your pet's health, their living environments, and the effect their health has on you and your family.
These assessments take a significant amount of time and discussion between you and the doctor to give you the information you need to help make decisions about treatment, hospice or euthanasia.
The quality of life exam and consultation includes 60 minutes of exam and consultation time.

  1. Price includes:
    1. Travel to your home by one of our veterinarians and one of our nurses.
    2. A comprehensive and in depth patient history.
    3. A thorough examination by a doctor. (Especially skilled at assessing all of the issues your pet faces to provide a full picture of the current medical situation.)
    4. A discussion and evaluation of your pet's Quality of Life based on a Quality of Life scale.
    5. A discussion of your current options (euthanasia, hospice, more diagnostics, palliative care or maybe other treatment), and the factors that may influence your decision one way or another.
    6. The Doctor will use this time with you and your pet to not only assess their comfort, but also how it effects you.
    7. A follow up phone call to answer any questions that may have come up since the appointment.
  2. Additional consultation time fees may apply

In Home Euthanasia

  1. Price includes:
    1. Travel to your home
    2. A brief examination by the veterinarian.
    3. A sedative injection to allow your pet to be extremely relaxed and anxiety free.
    4. A skillfully administered euthanasia injection.

Euthanasia appointments are typically 40 minutes to 1 hour in length.  These are very flexible appointments.
Everyone deals with this difficult time differently, and we will always try to adjust to your needs as we lovingly guide you through the appointment with heartfelt compassion.

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Private Cremation

Fees are based upon your pet's weight and transportation to Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

  1. Price includes:
    1. Safe and respectful handling and transportation to a reputable local crematory
    2. An individual cremation where your pet's ashes will be available to you for pick up afterwards.

Communal Cremation

Fees are based upon your pet's weight and transportation to Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.

  1. Price includes:
    1. Safe and respectful handling and transportation to a reputable local crematory
    2. A communal cremation where your pet's ashes will not be available to you.

Veterinary House Call Fees

Our fee structure is different from a traditional clinic as there is a "house call/travel" fee added to our visits. You will find, however, that most of my prices for other services will be less than or equal to what you are already paying at your regular veterinarian

Your first visit will last for 30 to 40 minutes (for one pet) and will include a house call by Dr. James, a comprehensive veterinary exam and consultation. Prescriptions, treatments, vaccines and other procedures will have additional fees.  Please contact us for a quote.

Exam Fees

$30.00 - $45.00 each, depending on the vaccine.

Labwork & Analysis:
Price depends on the specific test(s) that are run. Includes a phone consultation with the doctor.

Misc. Fees:
Other fees for sedation (if necessary), nail trims, bandage changes, subcutaneous fluid administration, medicine/injection administration, blood pressure checks, glucose checks, skin cytology, sample collection, and other procedures vary greatly and would be similar to other veterinary practices.


Shannon James

Shannon James

Dr. Shannon James, DVM, PLLC

Dr. Shannon James, DVM, PLLC

Dr. Shannon James, DVM, PLLC

About Me

I was born and raised locally, in Westchester County, NY. I attended veterinary school at the University of Tennessee and enjoyed 5 years of living in beautiful East Tennessee.  From there, I traveled to Austin, Texas and worked at a busy small animal practice alongside three wonderful veterinarians.  Although I loved my job and friends that I had made while living there, I returned to my hometown in order to be closer to family.  For the past two years, I have been working at a busy practice in lower Westchester. Although I have ventured off onto my own as a full time relief veterinarian, I continue to work there per diem in order to continue caring for patients that I have been seeing throughout the years.

I have years of experience in small animal medicine. My flexibility allows me to adapt to each practice’s needs and medical record systems to help their practice continue normal operation while their full time veterinarian is away.  I have always had excellent feedback from clients and fellow coworkers and work well with others. I pride myself on the quality of medicine I practice as well as my cheerful attitude and my ability to adjust to a variety of different situations relatively quickly.

Aside from being a veterinarian, I am also a wildlife rehabilitator.  I fell in love with this aspect of animal care when I was completing my exotics and wildlife rotation in veterinary school. I knew that helping wildlife was something I really wanted to focus on in my life and I have been fortunate enough to do so.

 Shannon James


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If it is after normal business hours and you have an emergency with your pet, please contact one of the following emergency veterinary clinics:

The Veterinary Emergency Group
193 Tarrytown Road
White Plains, NY 10607

Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center
546 Bedford Rd (Route 117)
Bedford Hills, NY 10507


Dr. Shannon James, DVM, PLLC